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Jim Jimenez is also known for his band, J BROTHERS, with his brothers.They are famous for their songs such as “PASAWAY”, “Wait For Me”, “Sana’y Bigyan Mo Ng Pansin”, and more.

He started doing comics in high school in Graphic Arts Service Inc. After that, he worked in Walt Disney as an assistant animator for “Winnie the Pooh”, “Hercules”, “Thumbelina”, among others. Later on, he worked in Hanna-Barbera and then in the Philippine Animation Studio Inc. for “X-Men”, “The Mask”, “Biker Mace from Mars”, etc.

Jimenez illustrated some chapter pages for Epik Studios’ “Republika” and “Bernardo Carpio”. He is also the illustrator of the inside pages of Epik’s recent release, “Osyana”.

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