We’re Turning Bad News Into Good News This Christmas at Epik Studios
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To give the office a feel of Christmas, the EPIK Team put up Christmas decors—the EPIK WAY! They used old newspapers and used cartons to mimic the holiday ambiance. In a span of two days, the decorations were made and set up.

The use of old newspapers and cardboards is engendered by the concept of recycling. And by extension, to send a message to everyone that Christmas need not be expensive. People tend to spend a lot during this season that they overlook the true essence of this season—that it is a season of thanks and joy. That despite the hardships we have been through this year, there are still plenty of wonderful things that we can be thankful for.

Typically, one might think that it is a waste of time and that the team created a huge pile of recycled mess. But wait til you watch the video that captivated everyone’s hearts. Click here for the video.

The EPIK wall mount is given a backdrop and ornamented with Christmas lights.

Of course, Filipino Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Jose Mari Chan!

The drapings on the ceiling bring out a festive feel.

Newspapers were also shredded to imitate a manger. (See the baby Jesus?)

From a different perspective.

The EPIK Christmas tree!




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