EPIK launched a new graphic novel – Bernardo Carpio
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After the successful launch of Pedro Penduko: The Legend Begins in 2016 and Republika in 2017, EPIK Studios launched their newest graphic novel based on another classic Filipino legend, Bernardo Carpio.


The story follows Bernardo Carpio, a powerful giant who was banished to mortality. Today, he lives in the guise of a construction worker by day and at night, he earns extra money by fighting in underground mixed martial arts. His curse will only disappear until he redeems himself at the right time.

One day, he meets a woman named Ariana and thought that life isn’t so bad after all. However, when he encountered a monster that also knows his true form, Bernardo has to transform into the giant that he used to be in order to keep his identity and to protect a blooming love.


Written by Allison Aviado and illustrated by Jerome Jagonia, the graphic novel was highly received during the Comic Con Asia 2018 and is yet to conquer upcoming conventions this 2018.





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