Epik Studios at Ayala Museum Coching tribute exhibit, “Pagbati Sa Hari”
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Epik Studios has been invited by the Coching family, together with Ayala Museum, as one of the exhibitors for the “Pagbati Sa Hari: A Day of Komik Pop-Ups and Talks Celebrating 100 Years of Francisco V. Coching”, a day-long exhibit celebrating the life and art of Francisco V. Coching, the “Dean of Philippine Comics”.

Coching, the creator of Pedro Penduko and one of the pioneers of Philippine comics, has authored beloved Pinoy komiks characters Pedro Penduko, Hagibis, Marabini, among others. His technique has strongly influenced generation after generation of Filipino comic book artists, who continue to pass on his legacy to this day.

Epik Studios’ booth showcases four of its titles currently in circulation, namely Pedro Penduko (a re-imagining of Coching’s original hero), Osyana, Republika and Bernardo Carpio.

Fans of all ages flocked the Epik Studios booth to grab copies of Coching’s most famous character, and also to share bits of trivia and nostalgia as they recall past versions of the story and it’s iconic character.

Epik Studios’ head Dennis Crisostomo, along with one of Epik Studios’ prolific artists Lui Antonio, introduced fans to the new adaptation of Pedro Penduko, updates about its film, alongside Epik’s other titles and its developments.

As the exhibit closed, the Coching family took the floor to express their gratitude to all artists and exhibitors who came to celebrate the patriarch of their clan, and of the Philippine comics itself.

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