#HisCon2018 Day 2: EPIK Studios unveils Kylie Verzosa as Osyana
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EPIK Studios launches #Osyana with Ms. International and WHO advocate Kylie Verzosa at History Con 2018.

“Shrouded in a mystery as old as the briny deep itself, Osyana is the girl who became an immortal goddess-or is she a goddess who became a mortal girl? Sworn to defend he creatures and the treasures of the world through which she so effortlessly swims, the sea siren Osyana battles the terrifying pirate, Bandido, in a desperate attempt to preserve her tribe’s culture and to save her people from her adversary’s ancient evil.”

“Osyana”, Epik Studios’ first female-led graphic novel, had a successful launch at the Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2018. This comic book is inspired by the folklore in the culture of the Badjao, an ethnic group known as the “sea gypsies”.

“Osyana pays homage to other Filipino superhoeroes, who’s history and powers come from magical beings derived from traditional Filipino myths and legends,” says Ramon Gil, a writer in Dynamite Comics.

While this one is from Denmark Recamara, a marine biologist, “Osyana was a great read overall, a story inspired by legends originating from the oceans and culture dependent by resources offered by the oceans.”

And according to Palanca Award-winning writer Angelo R. Lacuesta, “Osyana engages readers with its imagination and its instinct for a good and heady tale.”

Starting with Bathala’s chosen one, “Pedro Penduko” then the Philippine National Heroes with supernatural powers, “Republika” and followed by the cursed giant, “Bernardo Carpio”, now emerges the sea siren, “Osyana”. And these characters are soon to be part of something bigger.

Early this year, an official announcement that multimedia king of the country James Reid will take on the challenging role of Pedro Penduko. to be released in 2019.\

Meanwhile, Osyana with Kylie Verzosa as lead is slated for 2020.

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