Instagrammer Wishes for a Bernardo Carpio Movie
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Bernardo Carpio is EPIK’s 3rd title which was released March this year. Written by EPIK’s very own Allison Aviado, this is a story about a legendary hero that stands amid two giant rocks and prevents them from collision. Why he is in that position is a revelation that unfolds throughout the pages.

Writer and local komiks reviewer, EK Gonzales (@komikninja), shared her review of EPIK Studios’ Bernardo Carpio. In her Instagram post of the Bernarco Carpio cover, she said:

“By Epik Studios, this is another of their revamping and updating of legendary characters. Bernardo Carpio has been bound to human form to live across generations, but finds a girl to love in this one, between his life as a construction worker and a prize fighter. But of course his old otherworldly enemies keep a close eye on him and send their biggest creature. Besides occasional typos, the pacing and foreshadowing is better than for the Pedro Penduko story, definitely, and you do like how Ben is characterized. It is also balanced between battles and character development. Some of this feels western (not cowboy, but too foreign superhero comic) than fully Pinoy, but oh well. The art of course is incredible in full-color as done by comic professionals. Yes, this one you wish would be a movie someday. There is a good level of violence, so not for children. That said, maybe go find. #komiks #pinoykomiks”


Thank you, @komikninja!

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