James Reid’s Stunt Training for Pedro Penduko
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James Reid, known as the multimedia prince of the country, is popular not only for the movies he took part in but also for making new music and performing live on shows and concerts.

Recently, James has been busy with training for his upcoming movie role as Pedro Penduko in the remake of the iconic Filipino superhero. James has started training last year but had to stop for a while due to movie shoots and song recordings.

Now, he’s going all-out on his training sessions in order to learn the choreography for the fight scenes. His training includes parkour, wielding a bo staff, and weight lifting to tone his muscles.

He has also been trying some daring stunts lately, which can be seen in the following links:

James Reid's Daring "Pedro Penduko" Stunt

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Posted by Viva Ent on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

James Reid Starts Training for Pedro Penduko

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