Jim the Go-Getter
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Osyana is one EPIK’s greatest releases, written by Charles Santino. But what gave the storyline of Osyana an intense life and and motion was the artist behind the fight scenes and the beauty of Osyana. Considered as one of EPIK’s seasoned and veteran artist, Jim N. Jimenez is truly equipped with comics background. He started his career when he was still a high school student, when he worked at Graphic Arts Service Inc. as an illustrator. This start eventually paved him the way to work at Walt Disney. This opened doors to plenty multiple projects we have come to know such as Winnie the Pooh, Gummie Bears, and Hercules the TV Series. 

Fulfilling his dream to venture as far as where his comics career could take him, he transferred to Hannah-Barbera where he worked on Tom and Jerry, Police Academy, and Dark Water to name a few. Prior his moving to EPIK Studios, he was employed at Philippine Animations Studio Inc. in which he handled projects in X-Men, Biker Mice from Mars, The Mask, and Thumbelina. 

Undeniably, Jim is a go-getter who likes to challenge himself.

Currently, he is an in-house artist of EPIK, but he still works on the side with various local and international comics companies. He also makes Marvel Trading Cards and goes on gigs here and abroad as the drummer of the band JBrothers–a band he created with his brothers Jay and Joy.

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