REVIEW: iDangs on Osyana
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“I’ve read this graphic novel Osyana. It’s about this girl who acquired power given by a Philippine goddess. I’m a nerd for greek mythology but I’ve to admit that konti palang ang nababasa kong stories about Philippine myth. Isa na nga ‘tong Osyana sa konti na yun. I had fun reading this since graphic novel nga siya. Kahit hindi ko alam ang ibang terms na ginagamit nila, di ako nahihirapan iimagine siya since may drawing naman. (There’s a glossary din by the way so no need to worry if may terms kang di maintindihan.) This is more on about Osyana’s background story, how she got her powers, what she went through and of course how she fought with the antagonist. It’s an easy-read, direct to the point. Hindi ka malilito kung ano ang nangyayari. I also love the illustrations. Ang ganda at galing ng pagkakadraw. This honestly makes me want to read more about our own mythology.”

iDangs is a Wattpad writer popularly known for her book “Teen Clash“.

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