#SeaHerSoon: A Sneak Peek
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For the past few months, we have been showcasing some of the sample artworks from the pages of our upcoming graphic novel—from the lineart of Jim Jimenez…

…and brought to life by the colors of Randy Monces.

Starting with Bathala’s chosen one, Pedro Penduko, followed by Philippine National Heroes with supernatural powers, Republika, and then the cursed giant, Bernardo Carpio, now comes a new hero, or shall we say heroine, who is also devoted to preserve our culture and, of course, to protect people from the monsters that walk among human in Kalupaan or in this case, swim across Karagatan.

Other than being the first heroine for us to introduce, she is also our first water elemental among our current roster of heroes.

Watch out for her big reveal that will be first shown on our Facebook page on July 22, 2018, 7PM!

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