The Big Man of EPIK
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With his 6-foot height, you might shy away from this man when you see him across the hall; his big physique and towering presence might make you feel intimidated. But when you get to know him, he is your typical hard-working, joyful, and friendly boss. Despite his astounding career and work experience, this big man’s humility remains bent to the ground.

Behind the incredible artwork pages of our title Republika is the expertise of one of EPIK’s artistic Group Head Dennis Crisostomo. An alumnus of Far Eastern University, this Fine Arts graduate has partaken to the releases and production of different publishing houses and comics studios all across the globe.

Prior his contribution to the releases of EPIK, he has established his formidable portfolio by working with  Trailer Park of Terror by Imperium Comics; Emma Frost, and Xtreme X-Men by Marvel Comics, R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt that was released by Devils Due Publishing. And if that’s not enough, his portfolio of works include Terry Brooks: Dark Wraith of Shanarra by Del Rey Books, Superior Carnage by Marvel Comics, and Dynamite Entertainment’s Vampirella.

Aside from also being an artist of EPIK, as the Group Head, he oversees the daily tasks and allocates the workload throughout his colleagues. On his free time, he enjoys making collectible toys and fluffy, huggable plushies.

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