Vanessa Kirby first got her hands dirty by playing opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Her first action film has landed her another challenging role as she plays Hattie Shaw in the Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. Kirby can be seen on the movie trailer doing some shooting, driving, and stunting. In one of her interviews, she admitted that action was not her ideal genre to star in:

I just never thought in a million years I would be an action girl because I’m just not naturally like that at all. But yeah, there is something about this particularly that made me– I really felt like it was such a good opportunity to take care of this female character in this massively male world and to make sure, every day, we made sure in every area, she was a capable fighter. That she had all the best fights… That she was never saved by the guys… And I hope it instills some kind of change.

Perhaps her openness, along with her growing fame, had caused the rumors that she would soon be starring as Catwoman. The rumor garnered so much excitement that it circulated the social media with a tremendous motion. When asked about her portraying Catwoman soon, here’s what Kirby has to say:

I don’t know anything about it. Are you kidding?! I would love to be Catwoman. Oh my god, it would be a dream.

It seems like a dry response, which could mean that perhaps the rumors are not true. And that perhaps, she has not even been asked yet. But maybe the online uproar, if kept intense, could just land Vanessa Kirby her dream role.

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